Hyper-V VDI Create a new Master image for deployment



Click on Tasks in the relevant Collection and add a new virtual desktop. The Master image has a disk size of XXXXGB and this needs to be maintained.

1. Activate Windows.

2. Copy aWindows cleanup batch file to a folder called “Do not delete” in the Downloads folder of the administrator login and create a Basic Task in Task Scheduler to run it daily regardless of whatever the user is logged in.

3. Ensure System Restore is turned off. Ensure that there is also a scheduled task to run for disk defragment.

4. Install a free partition tool from to shrink the drive to the smallest permissable.

5. Shrink and compact vhdx

6. Increase vhdx to XXXXGB

7. Increase through disk management

8. Check in VDI settings that current file size use is not back where it originally was.

9. Remove the partition program

10. Ensure Windows Disk cleanup is set to run automatically every week with the highest privileges regardless of whether the user is logged on: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/automate-disk-cleanup-utility-windows . Run it.

11. Ensure that defragment is set to run on a monthly basis through task scheduler, regardless of whether logged in or not.

12. Final restart


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